Our Billing Policies

Patients who receive care at Emerson Health will receive a bill from the hospital and a bill from the physician who participates in their treatment. We understand how overwhelming it can be to deal with health issues and billing concerns on top of that. In addition, we understand that medical bills and insurance details can be confusing. It is our goal to make the process as easy as possible for you.

Hospital Statement

Hospital bills are based on the type and complexity of the care you received. The amount you owe may include insurance deductibles, non-covered services or items, co-payments, or coinsurance balances due after insurance has paid on a charge. We will provide additional relevant documentation, when appropriate, to help process your claim for the correct benefit.

We will file a claim with your insurance carrier. For certain types of insurance coverage, if there is a balance due after your insurance company has processed your claim, of if you do not have insurance, we will mail a statement to you.

Payment Expectations

Account balances are to be paid within 27 days from the statement date. If you are unable to pay in full by that date, you should contact our Patient Account Representatives to make payment arrangements.

If you feel you are unable to pay for all or part of the healthcare you receive from Emerson Health, we encourage you to apply for Financial Aid through the Commonwealth of Massachusetts (please refer to the income guidelines chart). Contact 800-408-1253 for more information on Financial Assistance.

You may also contact our Financial Counseling Office at 978-287-3432. They may assist you in filing for Financial Aid through the Commonwealth with one of the many plans available depending on your income level. Please keep in mind should you qualify for the Health Safety Net Program (formally known as Free Care) this plan will NOT COVER co-payments, ambulance charges or Home Care copayments.

Financial Assistance

If you have a financial obligation to Emerson Health, and believe you cannot afford to pay, we can assist qualified patients for financial aid.

You are responsible for payment of hospital charges or amounts not paid by your insurance unless your total family income is within poverty guidelines established by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, or income and resource standards established by the Massachusetts Department of Medical Security.

Size of Family Full Free Care Partial Free Care
1 $18,744 $37,476
2 $25,368 $50,736
3 $32,004 $63,996
4 $38,628 $77,256
5 $45,264 $90,516
6 $51,888 $103,776
7 $58,524 $117,036
8 $65,148 $130,296

For each additional family member add $6,636 for full free care and $13,260 for partial free care.

The above figures are subject to change by the U.S. Government. The Commonwealth of Massachusetts has the final decision to any approval or denial to your request after submission of the proper forms and/or documents required within 30 days of its receipt as to which plan a patient qualifies - Mass Health, Commonwealth Care, or the Health Safety Net Fund (HSN).

The health Safety Net is only provided to residents of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.